Agricultural Science Past Questions

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(a) ldentify specimens I and J.

Specimen I;                      Specimen J;

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(b) To what group of forage does each belong?

(c) State four uses of specimen I and three uses of specimen J in agriculture.

(d) Mention four advantages of growing specimens I and J together.

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(a) Name two farm animals possessing specimen K (HORN).

(b) State two methods of removing specimen K from the animals possessing it.

(c) State three reasons for carrying out the operation in (b) above

(d) Mention three methods of rearing specimen L (LAYERS / CHICKEN).

(e) State six characteristic features which would make a farmer decide to cull specimen L.

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(a) State the title of the experimental set-up for specimens A, B, and C.

(b) If 50cm\(^{3}\) of water is added to each of specimens A, B, and C, calculate the amount of water retained by each specimen

(c) From the results of your calculation in (b) above, identify specimens A, B, and C with reasons

(d) State the conclusion of the experimental set-up

(e) State four functions of water to crop plants

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(a) State the collective name for specimens D, E (Secateurs), and F (Pruning saw).

(b) Write three descriptive features of each of specimens D, E, and F.

(c) State two functions of specimen E.

(d) Explain' three maintenance practices for specimens D, E, and F.

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(a) identify specimens A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Specimen A;      Specimen B,          Specimen C;              Specimen D;     Specimen E;     Specimen F;

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(b) State one use of each of the specimens in agriculture.

(c) State two maintenance practices for each of specimens D, E, and F.

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