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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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A piece of land is said to be on lease to a farmer when the land is
  • A. inherited from the father
  • B. given to him as a gift
  • C. given as compensation
  • D. purchased on credit
  • E. given for a specified period on rental basis
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The problems associated with land tenure through inheritance include the following except
  • A. small land holdings for family members
  • B. hatred among family members arising from land sharing
  • C. right of individuals to free use and control of inherited land
  • D. individuals being restricted to their plots
  • E. difficulty to sell part of the inherited land
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soil texture is described as the
  • A. distribution of the different sizes of soil particles
  • B. arrangement of soil particles in a soil sample
  • C. rate at which water moves through the soil
  • D. degree to which air spaces aerate the soil
  • E. distribution of soil particles in a sample
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The alternate heating and cooling of rocks result in
  • A. sublimation
  • B. volatilization
  • C. fragmentation
  • D. solidification
  • E. sedimentation
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Which of the following factors influence agricultural production is biotic factor?
  • A. parasite
  • B. soil PH
  • C. topography
  • D. soil texture
  • E. temperature
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