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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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Crops grown primarily for feeding animals are known as
  • A. vegetables
  • B. cereal
  • C. forage
  • D. legumes
  • E. shrubs
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Which of the following feeding stuff should be increased in the diet of laying birds?
  • A. palm kernel meal
  • B. bone meal
  • C. groundnut cake
  • D. vitamin supplement
  • E. wheat offal
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The following livestock diseases are caused by viruses expect
  • A. anthrax
  • B. foot and mouth dieases
  • C. rinderpest
  • D. nhewcastle diseases
  • E. fowl pox
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Fingerlings refer to the young of
  • A. rabbit
  • B. guinea pig
  • C. fish
  • D. turkey
  • E. duck
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The practice of progeny selection involves selecting bread stock on the basis of the
  • A. performance of offspring
  • B. parental characteristics
  • C. sire-dam relationship
  • D. individual merits of each animal
  • E. characteristics of adult and young animals
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