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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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Reduction of ten seedlings of pawpaw to two per stand is referred to as
  • A. pruning
  • B. thinning
  • C. uprooting
  • D. weeding
  • E. spacing
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Which of the following describes the steps in making hay?
  • A. cut-sun-bale
  • B. dry-silage-silo
  • C. soilage-ferment-cut
  • D. cut-graze-paddock
  • E. bale-dry-silage
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A situation where only specified trees in a forest reserve are cut down is known as
  • A. selection
  • B. afforestation
  • C. reforestation
  • D. selective exploitation
  • E. deforestation
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The causative organism of maize rust is
  • A. a fungus
  • B. a virus
  • C. a bacterium
  • D. an insect
  • E. a nematode
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The reproductive cells of crops are called
  • A. gametes
  • B. genes
  • C. chromosomes
  • D. anthers
  • E. zygotes
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