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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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A small plot of land where intensive cultivation is practiced to produce vegetables is generally referred to as
  • A. an orchad
  • B. a plantation
  • C. a nursery
  • D. a garden
  • E. a pasture
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Which of the following plants is not classified as forage grass?
  • A. giant star
  • B. guinea grass
  • C. elepant grass
  • D. gamba grass
  • E. stylo
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The plant-a-tree-campaign of the Federal Government of Nigeria is a way of encouraging forest
  • A. regulation
  • B. exploration
  • C. exploitation
  • D. integration
  • E. regeneration
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Which of the following is not a method of controlling pests?
  • A. quarantine
  • B. crop rotation
  • C. fumigation
  • D. trapping
  • E. mulching
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The most effective method of controlling or preventing viral diseases in plants is by
  • A. planting resistant varieties
  • B. spraying crops regularly
  • C. burning affected crops
  • D. practising crop rotation
  • E. treating seeds with chemicals
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