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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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The most important symptom of brucellosis in cattle is
  • A. abortion
  • B. swollen testes
  • C. lamencess
  • D. swollen joints
  • E. retained placenta
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Which of the following is not a sign of heat in animals?
  • A. mounting of other animals
  • B. mucous discharge from the vulva
  • C. restlessness
  • D. grunting sound
  • E. mucous discharge from the rectum
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Which of the following practices would a farmer not likely adopt in pig management?
  • A. ear notching
  • B. deworming
  • C. castration
  • D. feeding iron supplement
  • E. dehorning
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Feeds with high amount of fibre are classified as
  • A. concentrates
  • B. roughages
  • C. hay
  • D. silage
  • E. soilage
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In birds, loss of appetite, respiratory difficulties and nervous paralysis are symptoms of
  • A. coccidiosis
  • B. fowl pox
  • C. newcastle diseases
  • D. fowl typhoid
  • E. fowl cholera
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