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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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Which of the following types of soil contains particles of diameter between 0.02 mm and 2.o mm?
  • A. sand
  • B. silt
  • C. gravel
  • D. clay
  • E. stone
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A farmer cultivating leafy vegetables will require fertilizers with a relatively high content of
  • A. calcium
  • B. magnesium
  • C. potasssium
  • D. nitrogen
  • E. phosphorus
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The earthworm is important to the farmer because it
  • A. improves soil structure
  • B. improves soil texture
  • C. destroys soil pathogens
  • D. adds nutrients to the soil
  • E. prevents soil erosion
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The type of rocks formed from the molten magma is known as
  • A. sedimentary
  • B. igneous
  • C. metamorphic
  • D. schist
  • E. sandstone
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The relationship between the microorganisms and plant in the nitrogen cycle is best described as
  • A. parasitism
  • B. commensalism
  • C. competition
  • D. symbiosis
  • E. saprophytism
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