Agricultural Science Past Questions

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(a) Identify specimens N and O provided, and P represented by the diagram.

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(b) Name three animal hosts of each of specimens N, O, and P.

(c) Describe three damages done on their host by each of specimens N, O, and P.

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(a) ldentify specimens A, B, and C.

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(b) State the main nutrient(s) which can be released to the soil for crop's use by each of specimens A, B, and C.

(c) Name two other chemical substances which can be used as substitutes for specimen B

(d) State the major adverse effect of repeated applications of specimen B on a soil

(e) Mention the role of specimen C in;
(i) crop production,
(ii) fish production.

(f) Name other substances that can be used and Substituted for specimen C

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(a) ldentify specimens D, E, F, G, H, and I.

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(b) State one function of each of specimens D, E, F G, H, and I

(c) Mention one method of maintaining each of specimens D, E, F, G, H, and I.

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(a) ldentify specimens J, K, L, and M.

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(b) Enumerate four types of damages done to crops by each of specimens K and L.

(c) State five methods of controlling specimen J.

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(a) ldentify specimen N, O, P and Q.

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(b) Name the classes of farm animals from which each of specimens N and O can be obtained

(c) State the two functions of specimens N, O, and P that is common to farm animals

(d) Mention; (i) One industrial use of specimen O
(ii) One parasite of specimen O

(e) Name the condition in which an animal does not possess specimen Q

(f) State two importance of specimen Q to each of farm animal and man respectively 

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