Agricultural Science Past Questions

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John Deere 7R 350 Tractor | No-Till Farmer

The image above represents specimen A. Study it carefully and use it to answer Questions (a) - (d)

(a) List five advantages of using specimen A.

(b) State four maintenance activities that can be carried out daily on the specimen.

(c) State five maintenance practices that should be carried out periodically on the specimen.

(d) (i) What type of fuel is needed to operate specimen A ?
(ii) Does the specimen require a spark plug? 

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(a) ldentify specimens B and C.

Worm cast - Wikipedia   File:Ant Hill in Aburi Garden 02.jpg - Wikipedia

(b) Name the soil organisms which produce each of specimens B and C.

(c) State four beneficial effects of each of the organisms mentioned in (b) on agriculture.

(d) Why is it advisable to discourage multiplication of the organism which produces specimen C in a farm?

(e) Name two other soil organisms and their effects on soils

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(a) ldentify specimens D, E, F, and G.

Grasshoppers: The Family Acrididae  Aphid - Wikipedia    cotton stainer - Dysdercus suturellus (Herrich-Schaeffer)    How to Get Rid of Weevils in Pantries and Cupboards

(b) What type of mouthparts is possessed by each of specimens D, E, F and G

(c) State one method of controlling specimen F.

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Examine and study carefully specimen H and L.

Ruminant animal post-mortem guide | Agriculture and Food   Frozen Chicken Gizzard - Buy Chicken Gizzard,Gizzard Product on

(a) Name the part of the body of farm animals from which either specimen H or I can be found.

(b) Name the group of farm animals which possess each of specimens H and I

(c) A farmer has two types of livestock feed labelled X and Y. Feed X contains 60% milled maize cobs and 40% maize powder while feed Y contains 30% milled maize cobs and 70% maize powder. Which of the feeds, X or Y would a farmer feed the group of livestock possessing specimen H? Give four reasons for your answer.

(d) Draw a labelled diagram of specimen l to show its essential features.

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Study carefully the experimental set-ups below and use them to answe the following questions;

(a) What is the aim of the experiment for which the apparatus has been set-up?

(b) List the experimental set-ups in the order which as risen through the soil samples, startin with the highest.

(C) List six items of apparatus used in the experimental set-up

(d) Describe briefly the procedure used in setting up the experiment. 

(e) Why is there a difference in the set. in the water levels of the soil  samples in the set ups labelled B and C

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