1999 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical (a) Name two farm animals possessing specimen K (HORN). (b) State two methods of removing...

WAEC 1999

(a) Name two farm animals possessing specimen K (HORN).

(b) State two methods of removing specimen K from the animals possessing it.

(c) State three reasons for carrying out the operation in (b) above

(d) Mention three methods of rearing specimen L (LAYERS / CHICKEN).

(e) State six characteristic features which would make a farmer decide to cull specimen L.


(a) Farm animals possessing specimen K (horn) are:

  • cattle,
  • sheep,
  • goat. or
  • Buffalo.

(b) Methods of removing specimen K from animal possessing it are:

  • Use of gouge.
  • Use saws. 
  • hot iron,
  • Use of electrical dehorner, or using chemicals such as caustic soda, etc.

(c) Reasons for dehorning in animals are:

  • It makes the handling of animals easier and prevents secondary infection caused by horn injuries,
  • creates more space for animals, to prevent injuries to the body of other animals.

(d) Methods of rearing specimen L (layers / chicken) are:

  • deep litter,
  • battery cage,
  • fold,
  • free-range or
  • open - range.

(e) Undesirable qualities for culling specimen L/ Reasons for culling specimen L are:

  • pale and scaly comb,
  • pale and scaly wattles,
  • sunken,
  • dull and split pupils,
  • yellow beak,
  • rounded and lustreless tail,
  • feather broken after laying for some time,
  • hard abdomen with little or no capacity.,
  • narrow distance between breast bone and pelvic bones to 2 -3 fingers.,
  • It has overweight due to excess fat,
  • very light, hard and dry skin,
  • small dry vent,
  • yellow shank,
  • broodiness,
  • cannibalism,
  • low egg production or ceasation of laying.

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