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Commerce Past Questions

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The second tier security market is
  • A. an appendage to the Nigeria stock exchange
  • B. a member of the Nigeria stock exchange
  • C. meant for the shares of quoted private companies
  • D. a regulating arm of the Nigerian stock exchange
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The element of the marketing mix are
  • A. product promotion, place and price
  • B. [personal selling, advertising and research
  • C. promotion, production, place and price
  • D. procurement, price, product and place
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Which of the following items has the shortest effect on the consumer
  • A. fashion
  • B. innovation
  • C. fad
  • D. attribute
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Which of the following is a form of sales promotion
  • A. advertising on radio
  • B. offering free sample
  • C. distributing printed materials
  • D. advertising on television
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One advantage of personal selling over all other elements of promotion is that
  • A. it can provide instant feedback
  • B. it is very cheap in terms of cost per contact
  • C. it does not need to use mass media
  • D. sales people are wewll trained
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