Commerce Past Questions

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The West African clearing House became legally operational on
  • A. 1st july, 1976
  • B. 25th june, 1975
  • C. 14th march, 1975
  • D. 3rd may, 1974
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The lake Chad Basin commission was founded to enable member states
  • A. expand the volume of water in the lake for fishing activities
  • B. increase navigational activities on the lake
  • C. dam the lake for electricity and agricultural purposes
  • D. co-ordinate their efforts in managing the use of the lake's resources
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What are the factors with which commercial undertaking can be distinguish?
I Size of the undertaking
II Profits generated
III Forms of ownership
IV Location of the undertaking
  • A. I and II only
  • B. I andIII only
  • C. II and III only
  • D. III and IV only
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Freight note is a document
  • A. used by government to transport goods from one country to another
  • B. issued by a shipping company giving details of charges
  • C. used for payment for imported goods
  • D. given by an importer to pay for goods at a future period
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Spot market goods are those which are available for
  • A. immidiate delivery
  • B. short-term delivery
  • C. long-term delivery
  • D. end of the delivery
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