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Commerce Past Questions

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The harmonious relationship among the various units in an organization is ensured through
  • A. co-ordination
  • B. motivation
  • C. planning
  • D. leadership
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The principle of span of control stipulates that
  • A. an employee should report to only one superior
  • B. manager must demand accountability from their surbordinates
  • C. resources have to be economized within the various division
  • D. the number of employee reporting to one superior should be kept to workable maximum
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Which of the following makes other functions of business its appendages?
  • A. production
  • B. marketing
  • C. finance
  • D. personnel
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The use of computer in modern banking industry is a reflection of
  • A. competitive development
  • B. scientific development
  • C. economic development
  • D. technological development
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When an oil exploring and mining company builds a health center in one of the communities where it operates, such a company is
  • A. currying favour from local people
  • B. finding a way to spend resonsibility
  • C. fulfilling part of its social responsibilty
  • D. invest its idle funds
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