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Commerce Past Questions

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Which of the following has power to order withdrawal of a particular food item from circulation?
  • A. Standard organisation of Nigeria
  • B. Federal High courts in Nigeria
  • C. Food and Drug Department of the Federal Ministry of health
  • D. Local government health inspector
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Which of the following maxims negate the principle of collective bargaining?
  • A. individual employees have weak bargaining base
  • B. individual employees attain strength when they come together in union
  • C. only members of the union can benefit from agreements negotiated by the union
  • D. collective bargainig covers the vast majority of employees, whether union members or not
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NACCIMA stands for
  • A. Nigerian-American Center for Culture,Civic, Industries, Minerals and Arts
  • B. Nigerian Association for Culture ,Civic, Industries, Minerals and Arts
  • C. National Agency for Culture, Civilization, Investment, Manufacturing, and Agriculture
  • D. Nigerian association of Chambers of commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
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For establishment of a powerful consumers' association in Nigeria to exist, there must be
  • A. financial and moral support from the public
  • B. honest and commited leadership
  • C. allocation of goods from the producer
  • D. freedom from external influence
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which of the following is the most important business resource?
  • A. money
  • B. management
  • C. materials
  • D. manpower
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