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Commerce Past Questions

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One of the effects of the devaluation of the Naira is that the
  • A. goods that can be imported with the naira have become cheaper
  • B. value of other currencies relative to the naira have become cheaper
  • C. goods that can be exported from Nigeria have become costlier
  • D. imports that can be bought with the naira have become costlier
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Drawing two parallel lines across a cheque means that it has to be paid into the account of the
  • A. payee
  • B. drawer
  • C. drawee
  • D. payer
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The financial institution established to boost Nigeria's trade with the rest of the world is called
  • A. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • B. Nigerian Economic Reconstruction Fund
  • C. Nigerian Industrial Development Bank
  • D. Nigerian Export-Import Bank
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Which of the following is both direct and indirect credit enterprise?
  • A. A co-operative and thrift society
  • B. retail co-operative society
  • C. consumer co-operative society
  • D. wholesaler co-operative society
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The business in the stock exchange is characterized essentially by
  • A. dealing
  • B. brokerage
  • C. speculations
  • D. transactions
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