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Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Past Questions

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The children of Israel asked Samuel for a king because
  • A. It was in their constitution
  • B. Their former kind was killed in battle
  • C. They desired to be like the heathen nations around them
  • D. They were tired of military regime
  • E. Samuel wanted to contest the election
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Who sold his birthright for a plate of pottage?
  • A. Daniel
  • B. Esau
  • C. Jacob
  • D. Nathaniel
  • E. Adam
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He was a king remembered for his erecting a mighty temple for the worship of God:
  • A. Solomon
  • B. Josiah
  • C. Saul
  • D. David
  • E. Absalom
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The law books used for the great reformation of Israel's social and religious institution were found in the temple in 621 BC during the reign of
  • A. Hezekiah
  • B. Josiah
  • C. Moses
  • D. Ahab
  • E. Hammurabi
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Jesus Christ was baptized in the River Jordan by
  • A. Mathew
  • B. John
  • C. Jeremiah
  • D. Mary Magdalene
  • E. Angel Gabriel
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