Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Past Questions

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Who were mistaken for gods in the Acts of the Apostles?
  • A. Paul and James
  • B. Paul and Peter
  • C. Paul and John
  • D. Paul and Silas
  • E. Paul and Barnabas
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God commanded Abraham to circumcise his male descendants as
  • A. a rule to the world
  • B. a sign of God's convenant with Abraham
  • C. a mark of honour for Abraham and his descendants
  • D. a remembrance of God's love
  • E. a good thing to do
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Deborah Israel
  • A. priest
  • B. seer
  • C. sword bearer
  • D. prophetess and judge
  • E. Pharisee
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During the time of Amos the prophet.......was the priest of Bethel
  • A. Amaziah
  • B. Jeroboam
  • C. Jacob
  • D. Hosea
  • E. Jethro
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The king of Assyria who took Samaria was
  • A. Elah
  • B. Shalmanesar
  • C. Sennacherib
  • D. Hilkiah
  • E. Rabshakeh
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