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Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Past Questions

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The prophecy "The soul that sins shall die", was given by the Prophet
  • A. Isaiah
  • B. Amos
  • C. Hosea
  • D. Jonah
  • E. Ezekiel
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The King of Persia who made it possible for the return of the exiles from Babylon was
  • A. Darius
  • B. Cyrus
  • C. Zechariah
  • D. Zerubbabel
  • E. Jeshua
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The meaning of Emmanuel is
  • A. laughter
  • B. For i drew him from water
  • C. God with us
  • D. the fear of God
  • E. just man
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About almsgiving Jesus says,when you give your gift,you should
  • A. sound trumpets for people to know what you are doing
  • B. give it in church
  • C. let it be known only by you and God
  • D. tell your parents secretly
  • E. tell only your friends
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Mark's Gospel starts with
  • A. the story of the birth of Jesus
  • B. the story of Simon Peter
  • C. the story of John the Baptist
  • D. the story of the temptation of Jesus
  • E. the fasting of Jesus
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