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Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Past Questions

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Who was Isaac's wife?
  • A. Rebekah
  • B. Rachel
  • C. Leah
  • D. Bilhah
  • E. Reumah
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Israel(Jacob)charged his people to bury him
  • A. in the East of Bethel
  • B. in the valley of Kidron
  • C. in the cave that is in the field of Machpelah
  • D. in the land of the Phillistines
  • E. in the oak of Kidron
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Moses, after killing the Egyptian fled to
  • A. the land of Canaan
  • B. the land of Midian
  • C. the land of the Phillistines
  • D. the land of the Hittites
  • E. the land of the Amorites
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The last plague inflicted upon the Egyptians was
  • A. the changing of all the rivers into blood
  • B. the influx of frogs into the land of Egypt
  • C. the invasion of flies
  • D. the covering of the land of Egypt with water
  • E. the death of all the first born of the Egyptians
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The spies sent to Jericho by Joshua were helped by
  • A. Asher
  • B. Manasseh
  • C. Esther
  • D. Rahab
  • E. Sheba
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