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Catering Craft Practice Past Questions

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Explain the following terms: (a) Bouquet garni,{b) Rissole; (c) Saute; (d) Table d' hôte.

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Cube of fried or toasted bread served with soup is called 

  • A. brioche
  • B. croutons
  • C. croissants
  • D. marzipan
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The most suitable type of hospitality industry for tourist in transit is

  • A. motel
  • B. hotel
  • C. guest house
  • D. public house
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Coarsely chopped vegetables used for stock making is known as

  • A. julienne
  • B. jardiniere
  • C. concasse
  • D. mire poix
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The last meal of the day is known as

  • A. dinner
  • B. luncheon
  • C. supper
  • D. brunch
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