Biology Past Questions

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The mammalian stomach can carry out a number of processes except

  • A. absorption of glucose
  • B. secretion of hydrochloric acid
  • C. secretion gastric juice
  • D. churning of food
  • E. production of trypsin
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A spirogyra cell placed was placed in solution X after 1 minute the cell has been plasmolysed, solution X was

  • A. Tap water
  • B. a very strong sugar solution
  • C. a weak sugar solution
  • D. a very weak salt solution
  • E. distilled water
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A farmer X working in a swamp did not eat any food nor drink any water. Which of this diseases can he not contact

  • A. Cholera
  • B. Bilharzia
  • C. River blindness
  • D. Malaria
  • E. Sleeping sickness
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A carbohydrate molecule in the blood in the right ventricles of the heart is pumped into the cell of the toe of a man. Which of these structure is it unlikely to pass through en-route

  • A. pulmonary artery
  • B. lungs
  • C. Heart
  • D. liver
  • E. aorta
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In a photo-tropic experiment, young seedlings in a box were subjected to light from one direction. The seedling continue to grow erect. Which of the following statement is correct

  • A. Only the tip of the seedling received the light
  • B. The light was not strong enough
  • C. The seedlings were rather too young
  • D. The tip of the seedling may have been covered
  • E. The box containing the seedling should have been placed on a laboratory bench
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