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Biology Past Questions

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Which of these is not a characteristics of a wind pollinated flowers?

  • A. A smaller quantities of sticky pollen produce
  • B. Feathery styles of stigmas pendulously hang outrside the flower
  • C. small inconspicuous scentless flower
  • D. large anthers which are loosley attached to the filament
  • E. Light pollen grains produced in large quantities from the anthers
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A germinating seed requires oxygen which is essential for

  • A. converting carbonhydrate into glucose
  • B. Transporting energy from part of the plant to another
  • C. The production of energy by oxidising essential carbonhydrate
  • D. hydrolysis of protein
  • E. The formation of water molecules within the germinating seed
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Which of these products obtained from analyzing sweat from skin is not an excretory product?

  • A. water
  • B. Salts
  • C. Dust
  • D. Urea
  • E. Urates
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In a breeding program a cross was made between two true breeding cow-pea types: one with round seeds and the other with wrinkled seed. If roundness is dominant why wrinkleness is recessive, in the first filial generation all the seeds produced will be

  • A. 25% wrinkled, 75% round
  • B. 100% wrinkled
  • C. 50% wrinkled, 50% round
  • D. 75% wrinkled, 25% round
  • E. 100% round
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All living organism
  • A. Photosynthesize
  • B. Respire
  • C. Move
  • D. Feed
  • E. Transpire
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