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The neck region of the tape worm, (taenia) is responsible for the

  • A. production of egg
  • B. storage of egg
  • C. formation of new segment
  • D. development of the suckers
  • E. fragmentaion of the body segment
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Which of these is not true of the insect? The possession of

  • A. two pairs of antennae
  • B. jointed appendages
  • C. exoskeleton
  • D. three pairs of legs
  • E. segmented body
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Rhizopus (or mucor)obtain its food from dead organic matter extracellularly. It is said to be

  • A. a facultative parasite
  • B. saprophyte
  • C. an obligate parasite
  • D. a commensal
  • E. an autotroph
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The feature that distinguish the toad or frog from the fish is the absence of

  • A. scales
  • B. lungs
  • C. paired appendages
  • D. a tail
  • E. skin glands
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Which of these is not associated with tadpole stages of toad or frog

  • A. V-shaped gland
  • B. operculum
  • C. external gills
  • D. jelly
  • E. shell
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