Biology Past Questions

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Which of these is not associated with the movement of the toad, reptile or bird?

  • A. Hopping
  • B. Bopping
  • C. Flapping
  • D. Gliding
  • E. Pecking
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Which of these is not a part of the feather of a bird?

  • A. Wing
  • B. aftershaft
  • C. Inferior umblilicus
  • D. Vane
  • E. Barbule
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Which of these is not a function of the mammalian skin/

  • A. Protection against bacteria infection
  • B. Excretion of waste and water
  • C. Production of vitamin d when exposed to sun light
  • D. production of pigments to reduce temperature
  • E. Regulation of body temperature
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which of these elements in plants is required in small quantities only

  • A. Boron
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Phosphorus
  • D. Magnesium
  • E. Potassium
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a potometer was used to compare the rate of loss of the same volume of water from a plant under different environmental conditions as under a fan, at the sea shore, under the sun, in the airy laboratory and in cupboard. What time was likely to have been obtained in a cupboard?
  • A. 15 secs
  • B. 30secs
  • C. 25secs
  • D. 20secs
  • E. 28secs
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