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Agricultural Science Past Questions

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Study the farm tools illustrated by diagrams I -VI below and use them to answer Questions 1(a) - (c).

(a) Name the tools illustrated by diagram I -VI

(b) State one use of each of the tools illustrated by diagrams I -VI.

(c) State one method of maintenance for each of the tools illustrated by diagrams I -VI.

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The diagram below illustrates the process of compost making. Use it to answer questions (a) to (d)

(a) Name the end-product obtained.

(b) State five advantages of the end-product mentioned in (a)

(c) A vertical section was made through a piece of virgin land.
(i) By means of a labeled diagram, illustrate what would be observed from the vertical section.
(ii) What is the name given to the diagram made in (c)(i)?

(d) During a trip to the school farm, it was observed that maize plants were stunted and the leaves were yellowish in colour.
(i) What mineral deficiency is responsible for these changes? 
(ii) How can the deficiency symptoms be corrected?

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A farmer applied one-third of the required amount of N.P.K fertilizer to 2 hectares of maize at the rate of 50 kg N.P.K, fertilizer per hectare, two weeks after planting.

Use the information above to answer questions (a) to (d) below:

(a) If the spacing of maize crops was 60 cm x 91 cm, calculate the plant population on the farm:

(b) Calculate the total quantity of fertilizer used on the farm.

(c) Calculate the amount of fertilizer applied during the first two weeks of planting the maize crops.

(d) Calculate the quantity of fertilizer applied per stand at two weeks.

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The diagram below represents an incubator. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions (a) - (e).

(a) List four components of the incubator.

(b) Explain two problems that can affect the proper functioning of any two of the components listed in (a).

(c) State three steps that should be taken to ensure that the eggs hatch at about the same time.

(d)(i) State the type of housing system adopted for breeding fowls to ensure a high rate of egg fertility.
(ii) Give reason for your answer.

(e) State two activities normally carried out by the farmer in the hatchery after hatching

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The branch of crop science which deals with the study of insect pests is 

  • A. zoology
  • B. agronomy
  • C. entomology
  • D. pathology
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