Agricultural Science Past Questions

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(a) What is farm surveying? (2 marks)

(b) State four disadvantages of electrical power.

(c) Give four reasons why farm machines should be maintained. [ 4 marks)

(d) Define the term land as used in agriculture. 

(e) Explain briefly how each of the following factors affects land availability for agriculture: (i) Population pressure; (ii) Mining; (iii) Topography [6 marks]

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(a) Explain the term staking in yam cultivation (3marks)

(b) Describe the nursery practices in cocoa cultivation.

(c) State five reasons for parboiling paddy rice [ 5 marks ]

(d) State three advantages and two disadvantages of taungya farming (5 mark)

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(a) Explain briefly three systems of mating in livestock management. [6 mark ]

(b) Draw and label the digestive tract of a hen [7 mark ]

(c) Give five reasons why ornamental plants are important. (5 marks)

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(a) What is agricultural insurance? [2 mark ]

(b) Explain briefly the following types of insurance policies for agricultural production: (i) Specific enterprise insurance; (ii) Fire disaster insurance; (iii) Life assurance.

(c) Discuss the process of egg formation in a hen. (10 marks)

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(a) Mention three print and three electronic media used in disseminating agricultural extension messages.

(b) State four advantages of group method of agricultural extension. [ 4 marks ]

(c) Explain the term assembling as a marketing function [ 2 marks ]

(d) State one symptom and two control measures of each of the following crop diseases: (i) Maize streak; (ii) Groundnut rosette. [ 6 marks ] 

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