Agricultural Science Past Questions

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(a) Describe the cultivation of Cowpea under the headings:

(i) soil requirement;
(ii) method of propagation;
(iii) spacing [ 3 marks ]

(b) Name one disease and two field pests of Cowpea. [ 3 marks ]

(c) State four cultural methods of controlling crop pests. [ 4 marks ]

(d) State four human activities that promote deforestation in West Africa. [ 4 marks ]

(e) Describe each of the following agro-forestry practices:

(i) alley cropping;
(ii) ley farming. [ 4 marks ]

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(a) In an incubator, 1,500 eggs were arranged on the trays for incubation. During candling, 25 eggs were discovered to be unfertilized. At hatching, 475 chicks were male and the remaining were female. Calculate the percentage of:
(i) unfertilized eggs;
(ii) fertilized eggs;
(iii) male chicks;
(iv) female chicks. [ 6 marks]

(b) State four signs that indicate the approach of parturition in a cow. [ 4 marks ]

(c) Mention four vegetative materials that could be used in propagating ornamental
plants. [ 4 marks ]

(d) State four advantages of grafting. [ 4 marks ]

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(a) Mention three functions of a farm manager. [ 3 marks ]
(b) Use the information in the demand schedule below to answer the questions that follow.

Price of Cowpea (Le)

Quantity demanded (kg)



(i) Draw a demand curve from the schedule [ 4 marks ]
(ii) Use the demand schedule to explain the relationship between quantity demanded
and price. [ 2 marks ]

(c) State three advantages of the wholesaler in marketing of agricultural produce.
[ 3 marks ]

(d) Discuss the rinderpest disease under the following headings:
(i) two farm animals affected;
(ii) causative agent;
(iii) two symptoms;
(iv) one mode of transmission;
(v) one preventive measure. [ 6 marks ]

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(a) State four reasons why the prices of most agricultural produce are unstable in West
Africa. [ 4 marks ]

(b) Explain the following agricultural extension methods:
(i) method demonstration;
(ii) agricultural shows. [ 4 marks ]

(c) Discuss the cercospora leaf spot disease under the following headings:
(i) crop affected;
(ii) causative agent;
(iii) mode of transmission;
(iv) two symptoms;
(v) one preventive measure. [ 6 marks ]

(d) State four advantages of selection as a method of crop improvement. [ 4 marks ]

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(a) In a tabular form, state five differences between subsistence and commercial agricuiture (5marks)

(b) Suggest two possible solutions to each of the following problems of agricultural development an West Africa (i) Inadequate land (ii) Inadequate finance (iii) Incidence of diseases (6 marks)

(c) What is agricultural ecology? (2 marks)

(d) State five sources of pollution of agricultural lands and fish ponds. (5marks) 

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