Geography Past Questions

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The population of a certain country was observed to be 46 million males and 41 million females within a land area of about 173,000km2. What is the average density of the population?
  • A. 503 persons per km2
  • B. 351 persons per km2
  • C. 266 persons per km2
  • D. 237 persons per km2
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Modern satellite towns are commonly characterized by
  • A. central city location, roomy houses and high building density
  • B. suburban location, planned layout and spacious surroundings
  • C. industrial estate location, low building density and limited open spaces
  • D. rural location, planned layout and high rise apartments
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An extensive fertile plain with a relatively low population will most likely be characterized by
  • A. great conurbations
  • B. linear, rural settlements
  • C. nucleated urban settlements
  • D. scattered rural settlements
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International agreements in the fishing industry are necessary in order to protect whale and seal from
  • A. marauding
  • B. stock extinction
  • C. sea piracy
  • D. sea accident
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Many industries in Europe and America have established branches in South East Asia in order to reduce
  • A. production costs
  • B. transport costs
  • C. raw material shortages
  • D. comparative advantage
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