Geography Past Questions

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One factor which helps to account for the dryness of the Sahara desert is the
  • A. height of the jet stream over the area
  • B. persistence of a high pressure belt over the area
  • C. complete absence of vegetation over much of the area
  • D. impact of oil production by the countries of that region
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The circulation of the oceans and the atmosphere primarily help to redistribute and equalize global
  • A. heat
  • B. flora
  • C. oxygen
  • D. fauna
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Soils with well developed profiles formed mainly under the influence of the regional climate and vegetation are said to be
  • A. azonal
  • B. zonal
  • C. intrazonal
  • D. colluvial
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Environmentalists agree that there is a general rise in sea level as a result of
  • A. excessive rainfall
  • B. excavation of sand from ocean beds
  • C. global warming
  • D. man-induced erosion along sea coasts
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The set of trees most suitable for pulp and paper making is
  • A. spruce, mahogany and obeche
  • B. fir, obeche and ebony
  • C. spruce, fir and pine
  • D. pine, eucalyptus and mahogany
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