Geography Past Questions

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Expressways mainly help intracity traffic in that
  • A. the multiple lanes can hold more traffic
  • B. vehicles can move at high speed
  • C. they divert traffic awasy from the city
  • D. new motor parks can be sited along them
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The best climate for the production of tea is
  • A. monsoon
  • B. maritime
  • C. equatorial
  • D. temperate
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The harmattan wind in Nigeria is associated with
  • A. Tropical Continental Airmass
  • B. Equatorial Maritime Airmass
  • C. Tropical Maritime Airmass
  • D. Polar Continental Airmass
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Three ethnic groups of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria are
  • A. Ibibio, Tiv and Ijo
  • B. Igbo, Idoma and Ijo
  • C. Ijo, Urhobo and Itshekiri
  • D. Itshekiri, Igbo and Ibibio
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The sequence of savannah vegetation zones in Nigeria towards the northern part is
  • A. Derived, Sahel, Guinea and Sudan
  • B. Derived, Guinea, Sudan and Sahel
  • C. Derived, Sudan, Guinea and Sahel
  • D. Derived, Guinea, Sahel and Sudan
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