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Geography Past Questions

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The period when the earth is furthest from the sun is
  • A. aphelion
  • B. summer
  • C. perihelion
  • D. spring
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A traveller crossing the international Date Line from America to Asia at 12 midnight on Sunday, would have to change his watch to 12 midnight on
  • A. Sunday
  • B. Monday
  • C. Tuesday
  • D. Saturday
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Lakes formed as a result of landslides, screes or avalanches are known as
  • A. man-made lakes
  • B. barrier lakes
  • C. caldera lakes
  • D. rock-hollow lakes
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In many areas, limestone rocks are resistant to water erosion on their surfaces and form uplands because of their
  • A. coarse and resistant minerals
  • B. low porosity and permeability
  • C. dense and armophous structure
  • D. joints and pervious nature
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Fluid, basic lava flow is likely to give rise to a volcanic
  • A. dome
  • B. cinder cone
  • C. shield
  • D. saddle reef
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