Commerce Past Questions

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(a) State five reasons that would make a bank dishonor a customer's cheque.

(b) State five reasons countries introduce restrictions in foreign trade.

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(a) State three benefits of a commodity exchange.

(b) Explain two methods of trading in a commodity exchange.

(c) State four requirements for trading in a commodity exchange

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(a) List six advertising media used in business.

(b) What is personal selling?

(c) State four advantages and two disadvantages of personal selling 

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Country X is facing a situation where its total payments to other countries are greater than its total earnings from abroad.

(a) State the term that relates to the above situation.

(b) Explain six measures the country could take to correct the situation 

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(a) State four services rendered by courier companies.

(b) State three advantages and three disadvantages of rail transport

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