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Commerce Past Questions

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One of the disadvantages of privatization is that it?

  • A. promotes inefficiency of staff
  • B. brings about economic decline
  • C. reduces government revenue
  • D. causes increase in the prices of products
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The management function which involves measuring outcomes and taking corrective action to reduce error is?

  • A. staffing
  • B. organizing
  • C. directing
  • D. controlling
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In delegation of authority, the subordinate offer is?

  • A. accountable to his immediate superior
  • B. responsible for his superiors actions
  • C. only answerable to top management
  • D. expected to replace his superior
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A medium of inter-departmental communication is?

  • A. intercom
  • B. notice board
  • C. radiophone
  • D. circular
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Which of the following is not an objective of ECOWAS?

  • A. promotion of a common language
  • B. improvement of infrastructural facilities
  • C. encouragement of free movement of people
  • D. encouragement of trade among member coutries
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