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Commerce Past Questions

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(a) State five functions of an Export Promotion Council.

(b) Outline five roles performed by the Customs and Excise Authority towards the growth of commerce

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Emeka has been a sales representative for three years but has never met his target.

(a) State five reasons that could have accounted for his inability to meet his target.

(b) Explain five promotional tools he could use to stimulate sales of his company's products

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The following information relates to Raisa's grocery store as of 31st December 2018.

Stock -1st January 2018 20,000
Purchases 150,000
Sales 230,000
Carriage inwards 4,000
Rent received 80,000
Salaries 29,000
Stock -31st December 2018  

You are required to calculate:
(a) cost of goods sold
(b) gross profit
(c) net profit
(d) percentage of gross profit

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(a) List four career opportunities available to a student of commerce.

(b) State two functions of an entrepreneur.

(c) Explain the following activities giving two examples of each:
i. extractive industry
ii. construction industry;
iii. manufacturing industry;
iv. tertiary industry.

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The staff of Kander Manufacturing Company Limited formed a cooperative society to enable them to have access to funds.

(a) Name the type of cooperative society they formed.

(b) State four features of the cooperative society.

(c) State three advantages and two disadvantages of the cooperative society

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