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Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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Which of the following factors affects the productivity of pasture? I Soil fertility II. Climate III. Weeds

  • A. I and II
  • B. I and III only
  • C. II and III only
  • D. I, II and III
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If the oestrus cycle of a goat is 27 days, how many times will it come on heat in a year?

  • A. 14 times
  • B. 28 times
  • C. 30 times
  • D. 60 times
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Which of the following statements about ovulation in rabbits is correct? 

  • A. Eggs are released every 21 days
  • B. Eggs are released every 26 days
  • C. Eggs are released in the absence of a buck
  • D. Eggs are released in the presence of a buck
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The endoparasite that creates sores in the liver and lungs of farm animals as it bores through them is 

  • A. hookworm
  • B. pinworm
  • C. roundworm
  • D. tapeworm
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Which of the following farm animals is a monogastric?

  • A. Bullock
  • B. Boar
  • C. Heifer
  • D. Wether
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