Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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If 25kg feed was consumed by 10,000 birds in six hours, determine the quantity of feed required by the same number of birds in one week?

  • A. 20kg
  • B. 67kg
  • C. 400kg
  • D. 700kg
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One of the main reasons for providing light for broilers during production is to 

  • A. reduce predators
  • B. increase feed intake
  • C. reduce mortality
  • D. increase exercise
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Which of the following birds is purposely raised for meat?

  • A. Broilers
  • B. Cockerels
  • C. Layers
  • D. Pullets
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pasture crops are best used in preparing silage when they 

  • A. have produced seeds
  • B. are lignified
  • C. are yet to produce flowers
  • D. are producing flowers
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Which of the following managment systems of poultry production is least expensive?

  • A. Deep litter
  • B. Battery cage
  • C. Fold units
  • D. Free range
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