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Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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A limitation to the effective use of artificial insemination in animal improvment is 

  • A. use of semen of exotic breeds
  • B. in ability to detect heat in female animals
  • C. availability of facilities to store semen for later use
  • D. when inbreeding effect are not expressed
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Which of the following farm animals is most prolific?

  • A. Cattle
  • B. Goat
  • C. Pig
  • D. Sheep
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A castrated male sheep is called a 

  • A. bullock
  • B. capon
  • C. hog
  • D. wether
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A part of a tapeworm is illustrated below. Use it to answer questions 24 to 26.


The part of the tapeworm illustrated is

  • A. embryo
  • B. proglottis
  • C. rostellum
  • D. scolex
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The part labelled III is the

  • A. hook
  • B. genital pore
  • C. mouth
  • D. sucker
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