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Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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The true stomach of ruminants is called

  • A. abomasum
  • B. omasum
  • C. reticulum
  • D. rumen
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In animal production, disease causing organisms are generally called. 

  • A. parasites
  • B. pathogens
  • C. pests
  • D. vectors
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The introduction of semen into the reproductive tract of female farm animals without copulation is called. 

  • A. pasture mating
  • A. natural insemination
  • B. hand mating
  • D. artificial insemination
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Which of the following plants is a pasture legume?

  • A. Panicum maximum
  • B. Andropogen gayanus
  • C. Pueraria phaseoloides
  • D. Axonopus compressus
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Pastures could be improved through 

  • A. reseeding and overgrazing
  • B. Fertilizer application and irrigation
  • C. rotational grazing and uncontrolled burning
  • D. padlocking and overgrazing
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