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History Past Questions

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The French colonial policy of assimilation failed in Africa because
  • A. African culture was deeply rooted
  • B. the African elite were opposed to it
  • C. it was not consistently implemented
  • D. it was expensive to implement.
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Which of the following was one of the demands of the National Congress of British West Africa?
  • A. Establishment of a university in each of the colonies.
  • B. Expulsion of all Syrians and Lebanese from the colonies.
  • C. Election of Africans into each colony’s council.
  • D. Restriction of the activities of Christian missionaries in the colonies.
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The nationalist movement in Nigeria during the post-war period was primarily led by
  • A. businessmen
  • B. the intelligentsia
  • C. students
  • D. local chiefs.
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One of the objectives for the formation of the South African Native Congress in 1912 was to
  • A. establish a political party
  • B. encourage black participation in governance
  • C. retrieve all lands seized by the whites
  • D. integrate the various groups and races.
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In 1973, Nigeria broke diplomatic relations with Israel because of Israel’s
  • A. occupation of Egyptian territory
  • B. support for apartheid South Africa
  • C. support for Biafra during the war
  • D. raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda.
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