History Past Questions

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The survival of Ethiopia as an independent polity was as a result of the
  • A. location of the kingdom
  • B. alliance with some European powers
  • C. strong economic base of the kingdom
  • D. introduction of a compulsory military service.
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The Mfecane resulted in the
  • A. division and fragmentation of the Zulu nation
  • B. formation of the Ndebele state
  • C. decrease in Boer influence in South Africa
  • D. dispersal of the Zulu to the Katanga copper belt.
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The 1960 Sharpeville revolt was specifically against
  • A. labour laws
  • B. land laws
  • C. pass laws
  • D. marriage laws.
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A major consequence of the Great Trek was the
  • A. restriction of movement of the whites in South Africa
  • B. agitation for black-white equality in South Africa
  • C. annexation of white communities by the Africans
  • D. the expansion of white communities in South Africa.
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One feature of European diplomacy in the scramble for Africa was
  • A. exchanging of ambassadors among them
  • B. holding Africans hostage for negotiations
  • C. negotiating with African leaders for territories
  • D. reconciling differences over territorial claims.
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