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The Ekiti Parapo was aimed at
  • A. checking European inroad into Yorubaland
  • B. restoring the dignity of the Alaafin
  • C. reducing the powers of Ibadan
  • D. forming a federated government.
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The Uzama title holders in Benin Kingdom were responsible for
  • A. advising the Oba in the administration of the Kingdom
  • B. punishing erring members of the royal family
  • C. defending the Kingdom from external attacks
  • D. settling disputes between the Oba and other chiefs.
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Britain suppressed the trans-Atlantic slave trade because
  • A. there was no more market for slaves in America
  • B. it had become very inhuman
  • C. the Christian missions preached against it
  • D. it became unfavourable to her industrial progress.
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The main goal of the British expedition against the Aro was to
  • A. destroy the Ibini-Ukpabi oracle
  • B. eliminate all opposition to their presence in the hinterland
  • C. pave the way for the Christianization of Igboland
  • D. liberate the Igbo from Aro bondage.
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A major reason for the introduction of indirect rule in Northern Nigeria was to
  • A. ensure perfect control of the economy
  • B. further weaken the position of the elite class
  • C. assist the Christian missionaries in their activities
  • D. secure cheap labour for railway construction.
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