History Past Questions

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The Africans transported across the Atlantic as slaves were mostly
  • A. people with criminal records
  • B. able-bodied men
  • C. disabled persons
  • D. people with low income.
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The jihadists emerged victorious in Gobir because
  • A. their cause was just
  • B. the Hausa rulers were divided
  • C. they had superior weapons
  • D. the masses supported them.
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Rabeh’s greatest challenge after conquering Borno was
  • A. normalizing relations with Sokoto Caliphate
  • B. rebuilding the armed forces
  • C. reviving the ailing economy
  • D. safeguarding the religion of Islam.
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Christianity spread fast in Nigeria because it

  • A. was associated with Western education
  • B. had superior spiritual appeal
  • C. preached social equality
  • D. was opposed to oppression by rulers.
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Ibadan-Ijebu relations in the 19th Century became hostile as a result of
  • A. boundary disputes between them
  • B. succession to the Ijebu throne
  • C. British annexation of Lagos
  • D. Ibadan’s attempt to reach the coast.
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