Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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A farmer noticed the laying of soft-shelled eggs by a flock of lavers. Which of the following minerals is likely deficient in the diet of the layers?

  • A. Calcium
  • B. Iron
  • C. Manganese
  • D. Zinc
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One of the advantages of artificial insemination is that_______

  • A. gestation period becomes shorter
  • B. it may reduce the rate of pregnancy
  • C. it takes a longer time to make the animals come on heat
  • D. the semen of the male animal can still be used after death.
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Chronic Respiratory Disease is prevalent in________

  • A. cattle
  • B. poultry
  • C. rabbit
  • D. swine
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Forage crops could be ploughed in the soil to serve as_______

  • A. compost manure
  • B. farmyard manure
  • C. green manure
  • D. cover crops
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Which of the following practices is most vital during introduction of a farm animal? 

  • A. Medication
  • B. Quarantine
  • C. Sanitation
  • D. Vaccination
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