Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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Which of the following farm animals is not correctly matched with its parturition terminology?

  • A. Cattle→ calving
  • B. Goat > kidding
  • C. Rabbit -→ kindling
  • D. Sheep - whelping
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The part labelled I could be removed by using________

  • A. hot iron
  • B. caustic soda
  • C. elastrator rubber
  • D. burdizzo pliers
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The identification method carried out on the part labelled Il is called ear_______

  • A. Cutting
  • B. Notching
  • C. Tagging
  • D. Tattooing
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Which of the following feed ingredients is required most in formulating ration of layers?

  • A. Bone Meal
  • B. Mineral Salt
  • C. Groundnut Cake
  • D. Vitamin supplement
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The selection of an animal from a group based on its performance is called______

  • A. family selection
  • B. progeny selection
  • C. pedigree selection
  • D. individual selection
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