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Physics Past Questions

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At a fixed point below a liquid surface, the pressure downwards is P1 and pressure upwards is P2. It can be deduced that

  • A. P1 > P2
  • B. P1 ≥ P2
  • C. P1 < P2
  • D. P1 = P2
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If the force and the velocity on a system are each reduced simultaneously by half, the power of the system is
  • A. doubled
  • B. reduced to a quarter
  • C. reduced by half
  • D. constant
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A catapult used to hold a stone of mass 500g is extended by 20cm with an applied force F. If the stone leaves with a velocity of 40m/s, the value of F is

  • A. 4.0 x 102N
  • B. 2.0 x 103N
  • C. 4.0 x 103N
  • D. 4.0 x 104N
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A stream is flowing at 0.75ms\(^{-1}\) and a boat heading perpendicular for the stream landed at the opposite bank at an angle of 30°. Calculate the velocity of the boat.

  • A. 1.50ms-1
  • B. 1.00ms-1
  • C. 0.86ms-1
  • D. 0.65ms-1
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A rope is being used to pull a mass of 10kg vertically upward. Determine the tension in the rope if, starting from rest, the mass acquires a velocity of 4ms\(^{-1}\) in 8s [g = 10ms\(^{-2}\)]

  • A. 5N
  • B. 50N
  • C. 95N
  • D. 105N
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