Physics Past Questions

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Gamma rays are produced when
  • A. high velocity electrons are abruptly stopped in metals
  • B. energy changes occur within the nucleus of atoms
  • C. energy changes occur within the electronic structure of atoms
  • D. electrons are deflected in very strong magnetic fields
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What is the speed of a particle of mass 10-27kg whose wavelength is 10-8m.

[h = 6.63 x 10-34Js]
  • A. 6.63ms-1
  • B. 66.30ms-1
  • C. 663.00ms-1
  • D. 6630.00ms-1
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in a series R-L-C circuit at resonance, the voltages across the resistor and the inductor are 30V and 40V respectively, what is the voltage across the capacitor?
  • A. 30V
  • B. 40V
  • C. 50V
  • D. 70V
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In the Rutherford scattering experiment, a beam of alpha particles was fired at a thin gold film with some of the particles being considerably deflected. This shows that
  • A. a gold nucleus contains protons, neutrons and electrons uniformly distributed in a tiny volume
  • B. the gold nucleus is positively charged and is concentrated in a tiny volume
  • C. the gold nucleus emitted alpha particles
  • D. the gold nucleus is concentrated in a tiny volume and contains alpha particles
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2311Na + Proton → pqX + alpha particle
What are the values of p and q respectively in the equation above?
  • A. 10 and 20
  • B. 12 and 24
  • C. 20 and 10
  • D. 24 and 12
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