Literature in English Past Questions

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One of the following is not significant to Morris' "The Proud King"

  • A. didacticism
  • B. allusion
  • C. parable
  • D. allegory
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'The dun dun of a drum' is an example of an__________

  • A. euphemism
  • B. onomatopoeia
  • C. assonance
  • D. oxymoron
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"A time to sow,
A time to reap,
A time to born,
A time to die"

This exemplies the use of ...



  • A. anadiplosis
  • B. chiasmus
  • C. anaphora
  • D. hendiadys
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Asides being a satire, Ogodo's "Harvest of Corruption" may also be regarded as a________

  • A. parody
  • B. travelogue
  • C. tragedy
  • D. tragicomedy
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Chief Ade Amaka portrays_______

  • A. betrayal of public trust
  • B. fraud and misfortune
  • C. lust and deceitfulness
  • D. the evils of capitalism
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