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Literature in English Past Questions

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What is the narrator of a poem called?

  • A. author
  • B. speaker
  • C. narrator
  • D. Voice
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A “chapter” in a piece of drama is a

  • A. act
  • B. scene
  • C. setting
  • D. dialogue
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The Main Character in a Play or Novel is the ____________

  • A. Protagonist
  • B. Narrator
  • C. Villain
  • D. Antagonist
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A dramatic performance with ONLY bodily movements and no speech is a _____________

  • A. Farce
  • B. Mime
  • C. Slapstick
  • D. Burlesque
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Before a play is performed, it is ___________

  • A. Auditioned
  • B. Applauded
  • C. Rehearsed
  • D. Recited
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