Government Past Questions

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An opposition party which sees itself as ''government -in-waiting'' is called ______

  • A. shadow government
  • B. caretaker government
  • C. national government
  • D. responsible government
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The document which sets out the programme of a political party and guides the electorate to vote for it is the ________

  • A. constitution
  • B. electoral register
  • C. manifesto
  • D. white paper
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An advantage of a two-party system is that it __________

  • A. simplifies the electoral process
  • B. ensures winner takes all
  • C. protects the electoral commission
  • D. protects the electorate from votr buying
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Which of the following is a non-partisan organization with the aim of influencing government policies?

  • A. Political party
  • B. Pressure group
  • C. Humanitarian
  • D. Relief organization
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The collective views held by majority of citizens of a country about a particular policy is _________

  • A. national interest
  • B. public opinion
  • C. commentary
  • D. bullentin
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