Commerce Past Questions

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(a) Explain the meaning of working capital and state its importance.

(b) Outline any seven factors which might affect the rate of turnover. 

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(a) What is a bonded warehouse?

(b)State four ways in which a bonded warehouse may be useful in international trade. 

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(a) Give any five advantages of advertising.

(b) What are five distinctive merits of television as a medium of advertising. 

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Distinguish between the following:

(a) Broker and Jobber.

(b) Gross profit and net profit

(c) Fixed capital and liquid capital.

(d) Factors and del credere agents.

(e) F. 0. B. and C. I. F. 

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(a) What is consumerism?

(b) Give three reasons why consumers need protection.

(c) State any five measures taken by government or associations to protect consumers in Nigeria. 

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